Egypt Diary Day 2

Or 3, Can’t keep track with all this Jet Lag. Woke up today at 4,38 local time.

There’s a mall attached to our hotel with a movie theatre. Nice feeling of moderate Moslems about. Women wear headscarves, but tight jeans and high high boots.  Some without the scarves – probably Coptic Christians. The locals say that they all really get along, but there was a church bombing a few days ago in Alexandria. Lots of tension about Jan 7th, Christmas day here.

Toured the Egyptian museum yesterday, with our guide Sharif – a tall guy with a Jamaican look even the accent. Showed us the key exhibits – impossible to see them all. Papyrus showing Day of Judgement. Apparently Papyrus was only for the Royals. pottery, ceramics for the plebian crowd. Papyrus – symbol of Lower Egypt, Lotus -symbol of Upper. Golden chair of King Tut, at his feet, and on his sandals – the pictures of Egypts enemies – “Asians and Nubians” so he could stamp on them. Asians probably referred to Persians not the Chinese. The gold chair had his Queen (also his sister – yuck) anointing him with oil. Also saw his langoti – totally intact and framed. If you don’t know what that means think underwear.

Mummy room was not worth the extra money IMHO. Grisly corpses. Ramses 2 with yellowish hair caused by chemicals. Latest discovery – true mummy (obese one apparently) of Queen Hatshepsut also in room One mummy with long finger nails kept intact with rings. Also mummies of animals. The Egyptians loved them, and contrary to popular belief, didn’t kill them just to have them in their tomb. They were placed there when they died naturally. Not true of the votive animals – cats and birds. They were killed.

Islamic Cairo today, so have my salwar kameez and scarf ready!

Veggie Travel Update:

Breakfast great – lots of choices in the hotel. Coffee here is amazing. I think I mentioned it before. And a real honeycomb (without the bees) for breakfast. Falafel is a whole different beast here. Really like vadai.  Banana milk, fresh yogurt – milk tastes much better than in the US. Also coffee is served with hot milk. Too jet lagged to go out for dinner. Room service had really bad choices at the Fairmont hotel – watery soup (actual water with a few floating bits of veggies – imitation samosas that weren’t good and they actually botched grape leaves. Who said it was east being green?

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