Egypt Dairy – Salam Alaikum

Feels like coming “home” whatever that word means these days.   Can see the felucca’s going. Cairo airport reminded me of Bangalore airport. People are friendly -want to speak to us in Arabic. Apparently we look like people from the Gulf. Breakfast was spectacular – a real honey comb to deliver honey, banana milk for your cereal, “housemade” yogurt, falafel and foul, in addition to traditional stuff. And Coffee that tastes like it is from Madras. Should be easy to be a veggie here.

Dusky haze over the Nile river. Smog? Feluccas float. The other side appears to be the “real Cairo”  like a Mumbai skyline. Not the gleaming part that we are in, cleaner than any European city. Saw a huge Mosque – my first trip to an Islamic country – Salaam Alaikum! And of course setting foot for the first time in the mother country – Africa. Going to the Egyptioan antiquities museum in an hour.


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